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Hello there. This isn't my main tumblr, but more a page where i post random stuff that I don't know what else to do with.
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Banyan Tree Seychelles
The Banyan Tree Seychelles resort is overlooking the beaches of the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by tropical vegetation. It offers a series of modern villas. You can find this place on the south0western coastline of Mahe island. All 60 Creole-style villas feature elegant and bright interiors, with large windows and with swimming pools surrounded by palm trees.
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My favorite for two reasons:
Keeps me in check. The world is not obligated to care, you can’t always expect that people will, especially when they have their own things and problems and hurt that you are not obligated to care about either. Don’t expect too much from anyone.
The world is not obligated to care, yet sometimes, it still does. And that’s beautiful to me.

Gorgeous! ❤



London-based photographer John Rankin (tumblr) - Synonymous with compelling portraiture, Rankin’s lens captures, creates and unveils icons. Rankin made his name in publishing, founding the seminal monthly magazine Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack in 1992. It provided a platform for innovation for emerging stylists, designers, photographers and writers. The magazine went on to forge a distinctive mark in the arts and publishing spheres, and developed a cult status forming and moulding trends, and bringing some of the brightest lights in fashion to the foreground.”

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